Welcome to Rab, island of love and happiness!


Rab, the island of beautiful beaches, magic all and scape diversity, rich cultural and historical heritage and over 125 years of tourism tradition. Rab, with its near islands, belongs to Kvarner Bay and is situated on an extemly advantegeous geographical and turistic position. The island of Rab consistsof 8 little idyllic places: Banjol, Barbat, Kampor, Lopar, Mundanije, Palit, Rab and Supetarska Draga.

Beautiful and clean sea, rich ness of natural and healing herbs, agricultural products, wineyards and olives, make Rab an attractive destination for vacation through out thew hole year, but also a recognizable Adriatic destination. Natural wealth, richcultural past and heritage make the basis for turisitc activity, which is themain industry, in Rab as well as inLopar district.

The attraction and the beauty of the island are additionaly emphasized with numerous coves with its sandy, pebbly and stone beaches, atractive colorful underwater for all the diving fans, forest sand parks, and Kamenjak hill, perfect for the one sdesperate for climbing. Inorder to fullfill Your vacation, we can recommend one-dayboat trips to Lošinj, Cres, Krk, Pag, Goli otok, Grgur or a trip around the island Rab or to the unique Zavratnica fiord.

Banjol, otok Rab


Banjol is a turistic place situated near the old town, known for its sandy beaches and coves, Padova I, II and III. Rich food and wine offer attractes more and more turist each year. Numerous little boat dock sand the longwalk side Lungo Mare give a colorful night picture of the place Banjol. Proximity of the business centre and the old town make a great advantage for Banjol beacuse, in just a few minutes walk, You can get to Rab center filled with all kinds of events.

Banjol is filled with beautiful beaches adjusted to all ages or need sand wants of every visitor. In Banjol you can enjoy in various sports, both on ground orinwater, like tennis, table tennis, football, water-polo, beachvolleyball, watervolleyballetc…On the Saint Lucija day, known as Šištovica, tourist sand local guests can enjoy the rich cultural manifestation.

Banjol, otok Rab